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Welcome to Amulya Herbs

Welcome to your journey to a healthier tomorrow! The leading spirit of Amulya Herbs is to bring back active Ayurveda in the most modern form to the lives of millions of people across the globe and work towards the holistic healing of every individual. When it comes to medicinal remedies, reliability is indispensable. So, Amulya Herbs is a single-stop source of nature's tried and tested solution to all health ailments in a scientific way. Our panels of doctors have long experience in developing herbal medicines and products. We manufacture our products in GMP-certified facilities using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and utilizing natural herbs, natural plant extracts, organic herbal extracts, and essential oils. Our factory is set up in Barwala, Chandigarh, with the latest equipment and technology. With the inputs from our research and development division and customer feedback, we constantly introduce updated products to widen our range. Herbal Pharmaceutical range comprises General Health, Men's Health and Women's Health products that alleviate various ailments and support longevity. These herbal product ranges result from our years of research referring to ancient Ayurvedic texts and using the latest technology. No side effects are associated with these alternative medicines, but they control your ailments effectively.

Healthy Life

Amulya Herbs single herbs are the extract of pure herbs. These herbs benefit one and all, irrespective of individual's body constitution, metabolic function, health, age, sex or other factors. The rigorous tests conducted by our R & D team have made each of our product, extracted from these herbs, the right measure to give maximum health benefit to you.

Earn Well

Amulya Herbs also aims at giving you an opportunity to become an entrepreneur by retailing our herbal products of wellness and also sharing the opportunity with others who would like to do the same. Our revenue sharing model gives our associates ample scope for generating substantial revenues, thus, enabling them to be self reliant. Amulya Herbs efficient sales and marketing plan gives you the control per se and presents you with the flexibility to work wherever you want, whenever you want! It will give you plenteous time for friends & family and the opportunity to earn a good income as well. It can easily fulfill your need to be financially independent. Our processes are simple to follow and we offer you all the personal support, including training and assistance you require to become the Business Owner you aspire to be. Our "Product and Business" training will help you attain your highest potential and ensure you achieve goals beyond your wildest imagination.